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L17 board | "Training trip" magnetic sign

L17 board | "Training trip" magnetic sign

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A notice:

Marking for training trips:

The training vehicle must have a board with the letter “L17” on a blue background with white letters on the front and rear . The inscription “Training trip” must also be present on the board. Alternatively, it is also permissible to mark it with a board for practice trips in accordance with Section 122 Para. 7 KFG 1967.

The obligation to mark the vehicle concerns the companion.

It is not necessary to remove the L17 plate if training trips are not carried out - it can therefore always remain attached to the vehicle. Every trip must be recorded in the trip log.


Magnetic sign for " L17 " training trip

Sign: "L17 Tafel"

Format: 160 x 196 mm

Thickness: 1mm

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